Gymnastics Gagnum Style

A Gagnum themed montage, a gym Gagnum style group dance and two versions of Gymnastics Gagnum Style floor exercise music. Continue reading

Open Gym Safety

Open gyms are a popular gymnastics gym activity, but there are extremely serious gym safety considerations and “lifeguard” training that must take place. Continue reading

7 Basic Gymnastics Coaching Tips

Here are 7 basic gymnastics coaching tips, all gymnastics coaches should understand and follow. Continue reading

Comparison of McKayla Maroney and Simone Biles Amanar Vaults

Side by Side Comparison of Simone Biles adn McKayla Maroney’s Amanar Vaults Maroney’s vault is faster, higher, longer. Some have commented that McKayla is taller/bigger. Last I checked most everyone still thought being small was an advantage in gymnastics and … Continue reading

Potential New Toe On Straddle Front Release

The Gwak-Suk Kim straddle front release on uneven bars demonstrated and improved upon by M’rcy Matsunami. Continue reading

More Twisting Direction Confusion

There is often much confusion about gymnasts and the proper twisting direction. Here is just one more reason why. Continue reading