Definition: Talavera

Talavera: A balance beam skill named after Tracee Talavera, who was the first to do it in international competition. The skill consists of pommel horse like move with the circle done like a flair. The skill has been rated by … Continue reading

Definition: Switch Spit Side Leap

Switch Spit Side Leap: A leap beginning like a switch-split leap, but with a ¼ twist in the air and a sideways landing.

Definition: Switch Leap

Switch Leap: switch slit leap beginning with one leg in front, switching to other mid-flight.

Definition: Swedish Fall

Swedish Fall: An athletic dance move done on floor exercise in which a gymnast falls from a stand to a push-up like position on the ground with their leg up in back in a scale like position.

Definition: Stutz

Stutz: A common swing used on the parallel bars where the gymnast starts from a handstand atop the bars and swings backward between the bars and returning to the handstand position executing a half-turn along the way to face the … Continue reading

Definition: Strug

Strug: A floor exercise skill named after U.S. gymnast Kerri Strug. It is done by performing a tour jete with additional ½ turn and a landing on both feet. It has been rated by the F.I.G. as a C level … Continue reading