Definition: Tour Jeté

Tour Jeté: A ballet and gymnastics type of leap 1/2 twisting switch split action of the legs taking off one foot and landing on the other the other. It is, in essence, a jeté, which is a leap from one … Continue reading

Definition: Tkatchev

Tkatchev: A release move, named after Russian gymnast Alexander Tkatchev, performed on uneven or high bar, from a handstand to a back giant swing down, tap and releasing to a backward straddle release over the bar to regrasp. Also called … Continue reading

Definition: Timer

Timer: A drill that simulates the feel of a skill, or the set for a skill without the risk or danger of completing the skill. Timers are used on most events and are a progression for learning the harder skill. … Continue reading

Definition: Thomas Flairs

Thomas Flairs: A pommel horse skill named after Kurt Thomas. It is a circling skill with alternating straddled lifted legs rated as a B level difficulty skill. Kurt Thomas at the 1979 World Championships His pommel horse routine starts at … Continue reading

Definition: Thomas

Thomas: A floor exercise tumbling skill named after Kurt Thomas. It consists of a 1 ½ salto backward in a tucked or piked position with 1 ½ twists rated as a D. Thomas: A floor exercise tumbling skill named after … Continue reading

Definition: Tap

Tap: The term is most often used on high and uneven events to describe the kick used to generate the required speed and rotation for a circling skill, release skill or dismount. Typically a dynamic motion used to generate momentum.