Definition: Turnout

Turnout: In gymnastics and ballet, a rotation of the leg which comes from the hips, causing the knee and foot to turn outward, away from the center of the body. This allows for greater extension of the leg, especially when … Continue reading

Definition: Turners

Turners: For more than 150 years, they have formed Turnvereinen, or “gymnastic unions”, which are not only athletic, but also political, “nationalistic gymnastic” organizations in Europe. The German movement was started by Turnvater Jahn and was instrumental in German unification … Continue reading

Definition: Turn

Turn: A gymnastics and ballet movement where the rotation occurs upright on the body’s axis on one or both feet. A minimum of a full turn is often a requirement on floor exercise and beam. Quad Turn on Beam by … Continue reading

Definition: Tumbling Pass

Tumbling Pass: In floor exercise and T&T competitive tumbling, this term is used to indicate a series of connected tumbling elements.

Definition: Tuck Position

Tuck Position: A gymnastics body position where the knees and hips are bent and drawn into the chest with the hands holding the knees. This body position is used in somersaults to rotate faster. Variation on the tuck position include … Continue reading

Definition: Tsukahara

Tsukahara: A men’s or women’s vault named after Japanese gymnast, Mitsuo Tzukahara. It consists of a ¼ or ½ on to a back salto (technicallya 1 & 1/2 salto off hands) off the vault table. Also called a tsuk. Mitsuo … Continue reading