USAG Compulsories as a Training System

What’s all this obsession with perfection of the USA Gymnastics compulsory routines? Level 4, Level 5, whatever. Where did all these professional compulsory gymnasts come from? Who is sentencing America’s gymnasts to a lifetime of compulsories? Basics are Fine We’re … Continue reading

Gymnastics Equipment

We all understand that there are only so many pieces of competition gymnastics equipment. What not everyone realizes is that the market for gymnastics equipment is not large, currently only about 3200 gyms in the whole United States, and that … Continue reading

Compulsory Uneven Bars Animations

Kip, Front Hip Circle, Cast Compulsory Cast 3/4 Giant, Underswing Level 4 Stride Circle Compulsory Tuck Flyaway Error: Gymnast begins tuck too soon and does not bring knees to chest immediately in tuck action. Compulsory Tap Swings

Compulsory Balance Beam Animations

Cartwheel Errors: Gymnast should lunge into and out of the cartwheel. 1st foot should land closer to where hands were placed. Cartwheel should finish with weight balanced on both feet evenly in lunge position.

Definition: Twisting Degrees

Twisting Degrees: Fractions and degrees are used in order to describe twisting movements. A ½ twist is a 180-degree twist. A full (1/1) twist is a 360 degree twist. Often called a full. A 1& ½ twist is 540 degrees … Continue reading

Definition: Twist

Twist: A movement in acrobatic skills where the rotation is about the longitudinal, or vertical, axis. This is the axis that runs from head to toes. Twisting is usually defined in terms of which shoulder moves backwards first. A right … Continue reading