Handstand Hikes

As instructors in recreational programs, we are constantly looking for new and interesting gymnastics related activities to keep our class program different every week. One of our favorite activities is a Handstand Hike. A Handstand Hike serves a number of … Continue reading

Grouping Gymnastics Students For Fun And Profit

Grouping of students is one of the primary and regular points of contention in a gymnastics program. Everyone is familiar with the stereotypical pushy mother who wants her child moved up to the next higher group. Maybe not everyone knows … Continue reading

Team Fundraisers

Every non-profit organization is looking for the ideal fundraiser or more likely a series of ideal fundraisers. What are the characteristics of an ideal fundraising event or program? Small Fundraisers Take as Much Time As Large Ones First, obviously that … Continue reading

The Gymnastics Safety Fall Complex

Coaches have experience regarding when and where falls from the equipment are likely to occur. For the gymnast, a fall can have a negative effect on future performance and potentially lead to a mental block on the skill causing them … Continue reading

Current Issues in the Gymnastics Training of Young Gymnasts

It is evident to us and to other observers of our sport that there are serious issues with the training regimens our children, our gymnasts are forced to undergo. The problems are not limited to the training programs as there … Continue reading

Systematic Creativity in Gymnastics Coaching

A rigid system of training, in so far as skill variations, leads to humorless, mechanical gymnastics routines. Over-repetition of the same skills in practice leaves no time for creative development and robs the sport of one of its most pleasing … Continue reading