Reward and Reinforcement of Gymnasts

Never assume the minimal amount of reinforcement a gymnast receives even from winning a meet is sufficient in the long run to motivate them. This is especially true if the meet is an away meet and the gymnasts depart quickly … Continue reading

Is There a Problem with Your Gymnast?

For a number of reasons, many parents have difficulty approaching their child’s gymnastics coach. One of the main reasons is that it is an extremely rare parent who understands enough about the sport to have any opinion at all. Gymnastics … Continue reading

How to Be a Positive Coach and Create a Positive Gym Atmosphere

We recently had occasion to restudy one of our most successful prototype coaches, a former coach of an Olympian and whose current program is developing at an astounding rate. We were looking to identify the reasons for the well above … Continue reading

The Critical Need for a Positive Gymnastics Coaching Style

While it often seems that coaches have an inflated sense of the effects of their training system on the physical aspects of the sport and gymnasts, there often seems to be total disregard for the effect of their negative comments … Continue reading

Turning Gymnasts Into Gymnastics Heroes

For a great many reasons, it may be a good idea to begin an active campaign to turn your team gymnasts into local heroes. Many gymnastics teams lose team members to high school and even Jr. High School cheerleading programs. … Continue reading

What Gymnastics Parents Can Do to Help Their Gymnast

Of course the first responsibility parents have is to choose an appropriate gymnastics program for their child and provide them all the necessary equipment and clothing. And it is extremely important to make sure they get to all their practices … Continue reading