Introduction to Gymnastics Safety

All coaches, gym owners, parents and gymnasts need to be concerned with gymnastics safety. In every gymnastics program, safety considerations should come first. USAG Safety Certification Currently, the safety knowledge level of the average gymnastics coach derives from the USA … Continue reading

Safe Gymnastics Play At Home

Gymnastics parents are well aware of how difficult it is to stop gymnasts from doing gymnastics at home, outside in the grass or just about anywhere. How concerned should gymnasts and parents be about their safety when doing gymnastics at … Continue reading

Russian Gymnastics Tumbling System

This article is to transmit to you just a few of the coaching lessons we have recorded from our long association and daily work with Russian, U.S., and World Champion tumbling coaches. ALWAYS TUMBLE ON A LINE!!! It is hard … Continue reading

Reward Gymnasts with Awards

Since gyms and non-profit gymnastics organizations seem to run the vast majority of gymnastics meets, we are directing this diatribe disguised as an informational article to them. Hard Work, But Poor Awards Let’s face it. There are very few sports … Continue reading

Gymnastics Coaches and Instructor Responsibilities

To develop and run world class training program to continuously produce local, state regional, national and international level competitors and champions. To identify, recruit and train potential team prospects. To develop and research ideal training program. To codify program and … Continue reading

Gymnastics and Coaching Resources

There is always more to learn about a sport as complicated as gymnastics. Most coaches learn something everyday from the athletes they teach, if they are open to such things. Those Who Do, Don’t Write (except for us) There are … Continue reading