Gym Decoration

There are a number of scientific studies that show that children learn better in an environment that is bright and colorful. There is no reason to assume that the same is not true about learning gymnastics than learning an academic … Continue reading

Drills for Beam and Floor Exercise Dance

Everyone can tell the difference between a gymnast who merely goes through the motions and one who performs their routines and dance with so much expression that it is a joy to watch. We have developed some dance and routine … Continue reading

Ensuring a Winning Gymnastics Program

Because gymnastics is somewhat a “political” sport in terms of the scores gymnasts receive because of their team’s reputation, coaches must take this into consideration in their plans to improve their team and to offer their gymnasts as “fair” and … Continue reading

Gymnastics Coaches, Want Gymnast’s Respect?

If you demand respect before you will coach a particular gymnast or a whole class or from the whole team, psychologists have bad news for you. Respect can not be demanded. It can only be earned. Fear and intimidation can … Continue reading

Some Ideas for Solutions to Issues in our Sport of Gymnastics

We already identified education as a primary solution to most of the issues and problems in our sport. We wanted to add a few more potential solutions. We do not mean this to be a comprehensive attempt to solve all … Continue reading

Should I Watch My Children in the Gym?

There is the question of whether parents should watch their children practice or not. At the preschool and lower levels, the short class time and lack of other nearby adult activities results in a naturally higher percentage of parental viewers. … Continue reading