Competition vs. Non-Competition Gymnastics Programs

Subject: Competition vs. Non-Competition Programs My daughter is 5 (6 in October) and seems to have a lot of potential. I’m not looking to make her an elite gymnast at this point. I just to see where she goes with … Continue reading

Competition Hints for Gymnasts

Our philosophy behind competitions is that meets are an opportunity for gymnastics success and excellence, to show progress and new skills, hit routines, have fun and have a positive social and educational experience. Gymnasts learn how to compete by competing … Continue reading

Do You Really Want Compulsory Gymnast Wins?

Is concentrating on winning at the compulsory gymnastics levels the best gymnastics career strategy? Do you really want compulsory winners and do you really want to judge your gymnasts and base your team’s future on compulsory results? There are real … Continue reading

Compulsory Gymnastics Training

Compulsory gymnastics competition, sometimes called outside of the United States – mandatory competition, is a set of defined event routines that all gymnasts at that particular level are required to perform. The routines are the same for everyone at that … Continue reading

Sample Gymnastics Clinic Topics

We provide a variety of clinic topics to meet every training need for your coaches & instructors, from preschool instructors to high level optional coaches. Continue reading

Dive Roll Drills

Subject: Dive Roll Drills Do you have good drills for teaching a dive roll? Thanks. Below is a list of progressions which we might use if we had a gymnast who had to perfect a dive roll for their Level … Continue reading