A New Gymnastics Meet Etiquette

I never thought that I would write an article on etiquette of any kind. My previous writings on meet topics included tips and the closest I ever got to talking about etiquette was about parents not communicating with their gymnasts … Continue reading

Meet Etiquette for Gymnasts

Arrive at the meet site early – about 10-15 minutes before open stretch is scheduled to begin. Smile and say hello to everyone you meet, when you arrive at the meet. Greet the host coach – shake hands. Be the … Continue reading

Vault Equipment Safety Training Progressions

Vaulting progressions can use a variety of different types of gymnastics safety pits and matting. Not all gyms can have more than one type of gymnastic safety pit, but all of the gyms can utilize a variety of matting techniques. … Continue reading

Gymnastics Equipment Safety Training Progressions

Gymnastic coaches have a wide array of equipment and equipment set-ups to assist in safe and easy skill learning. Just as there is a particular skill learning progression, there are learning equipment progressions for each event also. These equipment progressions … Continue reading

I Don’t Want to Go to Gymnastics

Subject: Don’t Want to Go. Dear Coach, I am 9 years old and I am in level 5 gymnastics. I have a question: On some days I don’t want to go to gymnastics. Do you know what I should do … Continue reading

Continuous Improvement

Our chosen method of coaching is much different than is usually seen in most gyms and used by most coaches. Most gym training programs depend on repetition as their primary basis and progress is an incidental result of the repetition. … Continue reading