Outdoor Gym Security

A gym’s responsibility for maintaining gymnast’s safety is not limited to the inside of the gym building. Gymnast, parents and coaches must drive up, park and walk to and from the building in safety. This will require varying levels of security depending on the location of the gym, but all gyms should consider having a complete security system and program for their gym property.

Video Monitoring System

Our number one recommendation for outdoor gym security is to have a video monitoring system for outside the gym. Video security camera and monitoring consoles have decreased in price along with most video products. Standard systems now include four cameras and a monitor. Many have indoor/outdoor cameras included in the package.

Monitor Front Door and Parking Area

At least one system with a camera monitoring the front door and the others monitoring the parking area should be a requirement. The monitor should be placed in the security office or at the front desk.

Monitor Every Exit Area From the Inside

For maximum security, every exit door would have outdoor cameras and a monitor just inside the door, so the area could be viewed before exiting the building.

Light = Security

Sufficient security lighting should be available. There are a number of types of lighting that would commonly be used. Parking lot lighting is often run with motion detectors. They are also often run with timers that turn on and off according to the gym hours. A double lighting system with both an always on system for visible deterrence security and a motion detector for extra lighting when people are n the parking lot could be used. Both systems often come with light sensors so that energy is not wasted during daylight hours.

Security and Alarm Stickers

Security and alarm stickers should be placed on every door and window, even if there is no alarm system for deterrence purposes.

Security Personnel

Ideally, a security person would be stationed outside at least during all class changes and watch or escort gymnasts and parents to their cars. This security guard could double as a greeter.

Effective Security

Security guards could be armed with non-lethal deterrents such as mace or tasers, if legal in your state. They should definitely carry warning devices such as whistles or personal alarm devices that can be heard inside.

Adapt to The Necessary Level of Required Security

Gym owners will want to adjust their level of security to match their environment, but remember that deterring crime is worth the effort and expense.

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