Music Stops During Floor Routine

Gymnasts – What Do I Do If…
The music stops during my floor routine?

It can be a big surprise if your music stops during your floor routine. It can be even more confusing if no one ever told you what you to do if that happens and why.

You Have Options

While you are actually given two choices (stop the routine or continue without the music), there is always one choice that is much better than the other. Knowing what your options are can actually give you an advantage when this happens.

To Keep Going Gives You Better Options

If you have done a really good routine so far with no major errors, you should definitely choose to continue your routine without the music, doing every skill and tumbling pass to the best of your ability. Doing this is a better choice because at the end of your routine you are allowed to talk to your coach and decide whether you want to keep the routine you have just done or repeat the whole routine (after sufficient time to rest is given) if you and your coach think you can do it better.

If Already Severely Blown Routine, Stop and Rest for Second Routine

Your other choice is to stop immediately when the music stops. When you do that you can either repeat the routine from the point at which you stopped or repeat the entire routine. If you have made a major error, like falling on a tumbling pass, and you already know you will want to choose to repeat the beginning of the routine, there is no use wearing yourself out finishing the routine. Stop immediately and after you stop, you can talk to your floor coach about what they think you should do. If you make this choice, your coach will have to ask the Chief Judge if you can do the whole routine over again, but this is almost always allowed.

Don’t Stop and Start

The choice that probably should never be taken is to stop immediately and then start the routine from there although since you have already stopped, your coach will be able to help you make the right choice after you talk to them. If the first part of the routine is done to the best of your ability, you should have chosen to do the whole routine and you would still have chance to repeat the routine, if the last part of your routine was not up to your best.

Boils Down to – Did You Already Make Major Error(s)?

So to make it simple, if your music stops and you are doing a good routine so far, keep going without the music. If you already had a major fall or major error and you know you can do that part better, stop immediately and save your energy to repeat the whole routine again.

When In Doubt, Keep Going

If you are not sure what to do, continue doing the whole routine without the music to the best of your ability and you will still have the choice to do the whole routine again or not.

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