Most Watched Gymnastics Routines

Justin Caouette endeavours to discover what are the most watched gymnastics routines on Youtube.  His aim?

“Last week I was watching the 2004 US Nationals on YouTube and was puzzled by the fact that fewer than 500 people have watched most of the clips.  Why hadn’t more people watched this competition, I thought, considering it was a terrific meet (Courtney Kupets’ best-ever beam routine!) during an Olympic year?  And considering that the clips are well-labeled, high quality, and not too recently uploaded on YouTube?  Then another thought occurred to me: I wonder what the most watched competition clips are, at least according to the popular video-sharing site.  And more generally, what individual competitors, routines, and historical trends in gymnastics have really captured the public’s interest in a time when the popularity of a sport can be measured by the volume of mouse clicks on the Internet?

Inspired by a sudden onset of nerdiness, I devised a system for conducting my search for the most watched gymnastics routines.  First, I created some exclusion criteria so I could get down to the raw competition goods: no blooper videos; no montages; no exhibitions.  I also excluded video clips with multiple routines or an entire competition embedded.  Those were interesting, for sure, but what I really wanted to know was this: what are the most-watched single routines in a competition format for each of the four women’s apparatus?”


The most watched Vaults Read


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The most watched beam Read


The Most watched Floor Read

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