More Twisting Direction Confusion

Which Way Is Gymnast Turning

What Do You See?

Is the Gymnast Turning Clockwise or Counter-clockwise?

Which Way Is Gymnast Turning

This is but another reason why gymnasts and coaches have so much problem with twisting direction. Are they using their right or left brain?

If you see the gymnast turning clockwise you are using your right brain.
If you see the gymnast turning counter-clockwise, you are using your left brain.

Some people can see her turning both ways, but most people see her only one way.
Try to make her go one way and then the other by shifting your brain’s focus.

If you can switch between seeing her turn either way at will without shifting your gaze, your IQ is supposedly above 160. The Yale study reports only 14% of the US population can see the gymnast move both ways.

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