Meet Etiquette for Gymnasts

  1. Arrive at the meet site early – about 10-15 minutes before open stretch is scheduled to begin.
  2. Smile and say hello to everyone you meet, when you arrive at the meet.
  3. Greet the host coach – shake hands.
  4. Be the friendliest team at the meet.
  5. Clap for all good performances.
  6. Stay off of equipment except during officially designated warm-up periods.
  7. Encourage and compliment any gymnasts you meet.
  8. March to all events and present as a team/group to the head judge.
  9. Wear warmups and carry team bag.
  10. Keep all belongings neatly in bag.
  11. Respect any rules about food or drink in the gym.
  12. Each gymnast should accept their place in the competition line-up and their scores with dignity.
  13. Show sportsmanlike behavior at all times.
  14. No profanity allowed.
  15. No flash photography.
  16. May cheer on bars, floor and vault. Refrain from cheering on beam.
  17. May cheer between routines on any event.
  18. Shake hands/hug all team members after their routines.
  19. Stick all dismounts and present to all judges (head judge first)
  20. May walk off mats and present to audience/equipment.
  21. Be courteous, respectful and polite to all meet officials, hosts, competitors and coaches
  22. Congratulate opponents on whatever good skills they display and for good performances.
  23. Gymnasts should stay for awards regardless of whether they win or not to support their teammates.
  24. Congratulate coaches on their team, individual gymnasts or well-coached events.
  25. Thank host coach before leaving.


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