Making High School Gymnastics Team

Subject: high school  gymnastics

Sex: female
Age: 13
Gymnastics Level: not in it

so in the fall im planning to start gymnastics again. i was in it when i was younger for 4 years. i can do skills, such as splits, backbends and stand up front handsprings and a front flips on a tramp but i can land them. and i want to know if it would even be possible to make high school team in say 2 years. i can do more skills than listed but thats just the basics.

Start Training Now!

Yes, it sounds like you have a good base of gymnastics skills and experience already, so you have a very good chance to be able to make your high school team. I suggest you begin training right now, starting with a strength training (weightlifting) and work on your splits and shoulder flexibility.

Train Year Round

Find a private gymnastics training gym and see if you can enroll for the rest of the summer. Tell the coaches when you sign up what your goals are. You should plan to work out and train at the private gym during the off-seasons of the high school gymnastics program.

Written Skill Goals and Plan of Action

Success in achieving any goal is much more likely if you have written goals and a plan of action. You should write down the skills that you will need to make your high school team. Ask the high school coach, and the coaches at the private gym where you go to train, if you need help creating such a list.


  • Set and regularly review written goals.
  • Plan your training.
  • Start training now.
  • Get strong and flexible.
  • Train year-round.

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