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ABC Family’s hit gymnastics series sensation “Make It or Break It” returns Monday March 26, 2012! 8:00 Eastern, 9:00 Central

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Make It or Break It airs internationally on E4 in the United Kingdom, on the FOX8 channel in Australia, on the TV2 channel in New Zealand and on channel 8 (Cafe) in India. Make It or Break It was created by Holly Sorensen. Holly Sorensen, Paul Stupin and John Ziffren are the show’s executive producers.

The premiere of the gymnastics-based TV drama, which is in its 3rd season, begins Monday, March 26, 2012 on the ABC network of TV stations. The show is scheduled Mondays at 9:00 pm. EST (Eastern Standard Time) or 8:00 pm. CST (Central Standard Time). This season the TV drama focuses on the lives of the gymnasts trying to make the Olympic team and their parents and coaches. There are a number of new cast members and players in the drama, including Jordan Parker (Chelsea Tavares), a walk-on with a lot more attitude than Emily Kmetko had.

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Make It or Break It (MIOBI) is a TV drama series that centers around a group of young gymnasts who are trying to make it to the World Championships and Olympic Games. It features a number of good stunt doubles and reasonably up to date gymnastics skills, although like most TV, varies from true gymnastics reality to a noticeable extent for real gymnasts and gymnastics fans. It is a TV series very full of drama, much of which is not typical of the true drama and problems real gymnasts face, but is interesting and addictive to many gymnasts, gymnastics parents and gymnastics fans.

Make It or Break It first premiered on the ABC Family network on June 22, 2009. That premiere had over 2.5 million viewers. There were 20 episodes in that first season to 20.

Make It or Break It (MIOBI) was renewed for a second season and premiered on June 28, 2010 with almost a million and a half viewers.

Plot Summary – Season 1

Payson Keeler (Ayla Kell), Kaylie Cruz (Josie Loren), and Lauren Tanner, (Cassie Scerbo) are Elite-level gymnasts, who train at a fictional, Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center, they call “The Rock”, supposedly located in Boulder, Colorado. It is supposed to be one of the best gyms in the country. Like all gymnasts, they have dreams of winning the Olympics and World Championships.

The three girls have been teammates for years and are joined by a new gymnast, Emily Kmetko (Chelsea Hobbs). Their gym initially collpases when their head coach, Marty Walsh (Erik Palladino), is blackmailed and leaves “The Rock” He is eventually replaced by Sasha Belov (Neil Jackson), a former men’s Olympic gymnastics champion with a difficult coaching style, which places restrictions on their personal lives and dating.

Payson Keeler appreciates Sasha’s experience and drive, but the other Elite girls do not like the restrictions. The girls compete at Nationals which is also supposedly where where the top 12 girls will be chosen for National team. Lauren constantly schemes to improve her chances in gym and in competition. But Kaylie ends up National Champion after a fall on uneven bars leaves Payson with a fractured spine (supposedly never to do gymnastics again). Kaylie, Lauren, and Emily make the National team.

Payson has to deal with her gymnastics career and dreams disappearing but she opts to undergo a cutting-edge surgery to fix her spine, which is successful. She recovers, but must change her gymnastics style from power and big tricks to a style with easier skills and more grace and elegance, which has not been her forte in the past.

The entire team from the Rock find enemies everywhere, including other gyms in the state and the head of the National Gymnastics Committee, Ellen Beals (Michelle Clunie). Ellen Beals schemes to gain control of the Rock and its “problem” gymnasts.

All of the girls face personal challenges. Payson’s father is laid off from his job and has move away to work, leaving the rest of the family home to deal with gymnastics. To help pay the bills, Payson’s mother, Kim, takes over as the gym business manager at the Rock.

In an invitational meet, The gymnasts from the Rock get more medasl than the US Team did at the Beijing Olympics against the best team in the world the Chinese. This proves they are the best team in the U.S. and should make Worlds.

Plot Summary – Season 2

Payson, who has to learn grace and elegance to replace the absence of power and big skills is encoraged and coached on this by her coach, Sasha. During this process, she experiences transference and finds herself romantically attracted to her coach. During an extremely successful breakthrough practice she impulsively kisses Sasha, who pulls away. A video of the kiss is leaked by Lauren out and results in Sasha being dismissed and disgraced. New National champion, Kaylie, develops an eating disorder. In spite of all the drama, all four of the gymnasts from the rock earn places on the U.S. World Team.

The Rock gymnasts must cope with the loss of Sasha and an inadequate replacement coach. Male gymnast Austin Tucker (Zane Holtz) joins Team Rock and arch enemy Kelly Parker (Nicole Anderson) and her scheming gym mother (Kathy Najimy) also show up at the gym. Kaylie admits to her parents that she has an eating disorder and takes off from practice to enter rehab.

Sasha returns to coach after the girls track him down in Romania, while on the way to a competition in Europe. Emily departs the gym due to personal and boyfriend problems and an impending pregnancy. In the season finale, the four Rock gymnasts eventually lead the US team to win Worlds in Rio de Janeiro.

Season 3 Episodes

March 26, 2012 Episode 1 “Smells Like a Winner”
April 2, 2012 Episode 2 “It Takes Two”
April 9, 2012 Episode 3 “Time is of the Essence”
April 16, 2012 Episode 4 “Growing Pains”
April 23, 2012 Episode 5 “Dream On”
April 30, 2012 Episode 6 “Listen To The Universe”

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