Level 7 Uneven Bar Routine Videos

Here are videos with some examples of high scoring Level 7 bar routines. They can give gymnasts an idea of the quality of routine they should be shooting for at Level 7 on uneven bars.

Level 7 Bar Video 9.875

Great example of minimalist (just enough to meet requirements, but less skills on which to deduct) Level 7 bar routine. Great Level 7 free hip right to to handstand, tap on giants and very high layout flyaway. If gymnasts are doing this simple of a low bar section, I much prefer a pike on, instead of squat on – looks so much better).

Level 7 Bar Routine that scored 9.725

Another good example of minimalist Level 7 bar routine that scored 9.725

Level 7 Bar Routine

Excellent (if slightly stalled handstand on low bar), primary error – free hip not to handstand, reasonable giants and flyaway – scored 9.625 at this meet.

If you have or know of videos of other Level 6 routines that are excellent or have excellent skill execution in them, please email or comment below and let me know about them.

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