Level 7 Floor Exercise Routine Videos

Videos of a variety of styles of some of the best Level 7 FX routines for other Level 7 gymnasts to watch and get an idea of what can and is being done at this level on floor exercise.

9.875 Floor routine with full and front handspring, front layout tumbling passes. Great jumps, good choreography.

Amazingly Excellent Dance for a Level 7 = 9.9 Score

A rare (for Level 7) three skill front tumbling pass and excellent, expressive dance, especially for a Level 7 gymnast.

9.85 Well-Choreographed and Well-Executed

Clean simple tumbling with well suited choreography and excellent execution.

Flexibility and Power

An excellent example of what great flexibility and powerful tumbling can do for a floor routine. Note: This routine can still be seen – just click on the Watch on YouTube link:

If you have or know of videos of other Level 7 routines that are excellent or have excellent skill execution in them, please email or comment below and let me know about them.

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