Level 7 Beam Routine Videos

Here is a sample of some of the best scoring Level 7 beam routine videos and routines with some of the best beam skills.

9.9 Level 7 Beam Routine

This is what happens when you are careful on beam and don’t give the judges anything to deduct for. Very clean routine.

9.80 Level 7 Beam Routine

A very clean and precise beam routine from a tiny Levle 7 gymnast. Has unique skill off the end of the beam, near the beginning of the routine, but you can also see the compulsory dance influence still remaining in the routine. Very clean back walkover series and back handspring.

Beautiful Beam Mount Showing Strength and Strong Skills

If I had to guess, this is a TOPs trained gymnast, showing her strength on her mount and excellent jumps and leap. Also already competing round-off dismount, which is where a good Level 7 should want to be on beam.

1st Place Level 7 Beam Routine – 9.5

Very careful routine with press mount and interesting (if very slowly and carefully done) needle scale. Reasonable choreography and aggressive beam tumbling series choice into dismount.

If you have or know of videos of other Level 7 routines that are excellent or have excellent skill execution in them, please email or comment below and let me know about them.

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