Level 6 FX Routine Videos

Best Level 6 FX Routine Videos

9.75 FX Routine

This gymnast shows the very upright, head up posture of a winner. The first major element in the routine, the straddle jump is significantly above the 180 degree horizontal position notifying the judges that this is a gymnast and routine to watch. She shows a sharp movement, confident style of dance. high front tuck and a clean front tumbling series pass. Her leaps are 180 degree, if not as impressive as her straddle jump, but the first skill is the first impression, so no flexibility deductions here. Excellent lift, neutral head and stick on her back tuck.

I always prefer gymnasts who use the traditional and much more beautiful style of lifting their leg into back walkovers, but she is likely just doing it as she was taught.

Level 6 Floor Routine That Scored 9.55

Gymnast immediately shows very graceful hands and 180 straddle jump for good first impression to the judges. Very high front tuck that she kicks and floats out of. 180 degrees or close in leaps. Nice high back tuck.

Our young gymnast shows slightly turned-in foot positions out of many of both her tumbling and dance skills – Never as attractive or balanced as good turn-out. An arched and arms back position is more attractive in many poses and required after the slide to split. This routine shows slight leg bends in a number of places, which is sometimes a result of doing too many routines and not enough of individual skill mastery. Nailing the first major and sticking the last pass is something all gymnasts should take extra time, work and effort on mastering.

Very Clean 9.475 Level 6 Floor Routine

Nice soft supple arm movements and nice hands positions. Nice job hitting 180 on both leaps. Really good routine.

Could have been just a little more aggressive on getting to 180 on the straddle jump. The routine is businesslike, well trained and executed. A little more passionate performance would be my preference.

Montage of level 6 Floor Routines

If you have or know of videos of other Level 6 routines that are excellent or have excellent skill execution in them, please email or comment below and let me know about them.

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