Level 6 Beam Routine with Back Extension Roll

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I was wondering if you had any videos of the level six beam routine with a good example of a back extension roll in the place of the back walkover?

Thank you.

It is certainly an option for USAG Level 6 gymnasts to do a back extension roll, instead of a back walkover in the compulsory beam routine. And while the rules allow it, there are very few gymnasts taking this option. Back extension rolls are such a more difficult skill on beam than back walkovers and and they seem to only be in the compulsory book to allow for gymnasts who have back problems or potential back problems with back walkovers.

Learning Back Extension Rolls on Beam

In addition to the normal problems in learning a skill for beam, there are additional problem difficulties in learning back extension rolls. It is very difficult to get consistent hand placement on the beam than in the average comparable beam skill. Sitting for a back extension roll is also much more difficult to learn than most beam skills. And even a gymnast’s hair can be a problem in the learning process of a back extension roll on beam, if it is too long, not put up or fixed correctly.

Here are a couple of videos of back extension rolls on beam:

Sarah did back extension rolls because of a severe back injury and then continued to use them for her later Level 7 Optional beam series, instead of back walkover, back handspring.
Here she is doing a series – back extension roll, back handspring.

Here she is doing her Level 7 beam series – handstand straddle down, back extension roll, back handspring:

Here she is doing it in routines:

A Different Level 6 Beam Routine with Back Extension Roll

Here is another gymnast who does it in her level 6 beam routine without a wobble, though she does not hit the handstand.

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