Level 6 Beam Routine Videos

This is What It Is Like to Get a 10.0 on Beam

This is What It Is Like to Do It Again

Same girl, same 10.0 score two meets in a row!
Some may complain that this (or no) routine is not “perfect” but I applaud the judges for awarding it and any Level gymnast capable of doing such a good routine. Excellent mount and dismount. Beautiful scale. Leap needs work for true 180 degree split and better height. Good work on toe. A “perfect” example of what can be done, when gymnasts eliminate deductions and leave the judges little to nothing for which to deduct.

These are videos of some high scoring Level 6 beam routine that can give other Level 6 gymnasts or gymnast working to become Level 6 gymnasts a good idea of what it takes to get a high score on beam.

Ballerina on Beam?

Okay, not really a ballerina, but definitely a dancer body and routine. Good tip toe turns on high toe. Textbook executed, beautiful full turn, with heel down finish of turn to perfect balance on one foot. A great scale – flexibility rocks. Slight problem on dismount does little to diminish this routine. At some point, this gymnast will become even more confident and learn to put on a real show with the beam talents she is already displaying.

9.8 Beam Routine

Quick, confident mount. Makes standing up out of the V-sit look spectacular with her flexibility and control – this is the best execution of this portion of this element I have ever seen. Her leg flexibility makes this routine, and especially certain elements, look really excellent. The back walkover in this routine is done correctly, with the leg up to start. This is the way this skill is supposed to be done (leg could be held higher in the beginning), regardless of whatever anyone else says and she does it correctly and receives a high score. Excellent arabesque and very good dismount.

Aggressive Level 6 Beam Routine

This is a great little Level 6 beam routine. She is aggressive, for example, her aggressive split leap, has great hands, does a good dismount. has one major bobble, but all in all, the kind of routine a coach likes to see.

If you have or know of videos of other Level 6 routines that are excellent or have excellent skill execution in them, please email or comment below and let me know about them.

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