Level 5 FX Routine Videos

Best Level 5 FX Routine Videos

9.75 Level 5 FX

This routine starts out with the first major element, the straddle jump, being executed with well above 180 degree split, not only exceeding the minimum requirements of only 120 degrees, but exceeding 180 degree split, which shows the judges, in their first impression, that this routine is going to be one to consider as a meet winner. The gymnast shows off her dance style body and long lines doing an excellent form routine. Also notice how she shows a number of skills on beautiful high toe! Elite level performance of Level 5 skills.

Precise Skills

Very precise execution of Level 5 floor skills. There is great tight leg form and pointed toes throughout the routine. This girl and routine also show the improvement in appearance and beauty of dance skills, when they are done with an arch in the lower back, as opposed to the much straighter back in the routine above. There is also superior execution of the back extension roll in this routine, actually showing back extension roll with a slight hop to the handstand.

9.7 Level 5 FX Routine

This Level 5 floor routine scored 9.7 in the 10 year old age group at Circle of the Stars. Again, a truly impressive first major element – straddle jump. An impressively high (if slightly piked) dive roll. The routine has some obvious balance errors, but has excellent skill execution and form. Excellent toe point and some great use of high toe on some of the elements.

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