Level 5 Beam Routine Videos

Best Level 5 Beam Routine Videos

9.675 Level 5 Beam Routine

This routine is the definition of excellent control on the beam. Athletic Level 5 gymnast doing a really very good beam. Shows good flexibility, great high toe.
This routine also shows great control during the leap, approaching 180 degree split leap and still landing and holding up the back leg on the leap landing. and split jump – that is what you like to see in young beam workers. Confident cartwheel and finish. Main negative is that the head down position throughout the routine doesn’t show the proper level of confidence this gymnast should have with her excellent.performance

9.675 Level 5 Beam Routine

An 8 year old Level 5 with very nice beam routine. Excellent handstands and handstand control. Shows excellent extension of arms (“big arms”) and nice finger/hand position. Shows nice smooth entry into handstands and cartwheel.

Excellent Scale Flexibility

This routine starts off showing off excellent flexibility in the first skill the mount, kicking the leg high over the beam into the straddle sit. Excellent flexibility throughout the routine makes all the dance skill look great. A truly exceptional Level 5 Scale. Good control in handstands.

9.575 Beam Routine with Excellent Handstands

This is a good “posey” (moves pose to pose) routine with excellent handstand control. Weak split leap and split jump for a gymnast who shows good flexibility in her scale. Some nice high toe work throughout the routine. Don’t miss the 2 perfect Tiptoe turns she does – very high toe and perfect held control! Shows a “held scale” position into tumbling moves which should be smooth and continuous. I don’t know if she was trained to do that, but it is not something I like to see future optional beam tumblers doing. Nice hand positions, toe point and leg form. You don’t have to wait for the end to see the score – it is a well deserved 9.575.

High Score but Some Shaping and Leg Form Issues

Incredible handstand. Interesting score – 9.825.

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