Level 5 Bar Routine Videos

Best Level 5 Bar Routine Videos

10.0 Level 5 Bar Routine

Have to include this routine, just because of the 10.0 score! There is just no real place to take deductions in this routine. I personally like to see higher casts, but they are aggressive and well above the minimum requirements. She puts her head back on the underswing, which is a technical error, but there is no written deduction for doing that, it is just not good practice.

Great Level 5 Bar Routine

This is a great bar routine for any Level 5 gymnast. Great form, does aggressive hollow casts and good rhythm. She has a technical (but extremely common) error with her head back on the underswing out of the 3/4 baby giant. Of note, All 4 of the tap swings are done with hips above the bar, well above any possibility of deduction and shows extensive tap swing practice and competency.

A 9.825 Level 5 Bar Routine

This routine shows tight form and few errors. Again, note the high tap swings. All 4 show well above the bar height.

If you have or know of videos of other Level 5 routines that are excellent or have excellent skill execution in them, please email or comment below and let me know about them.

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