Level 4 Beam Routine Videos

Best Level 4 Beam Routine Videos

9.65 Level 4 Beam Routine

This is the best whip up to a squat I have seen from a Level 4 gymnast. It is not only well above horizontal, but she swings up with perfectly straight leg form before squatting. This is exactly how it is supposed to be done. There is some excellent dance posture, and hand and arm movements in this beam routine for someone so young. Good, relatively high jump series. A good, if arched first handstand and an excellent handstand dismount.
The split leap is straight-legged, if not very aggressive. The arabesque scale could have shown more amplitude, not that it warrants a deduction, but because she could have been even more impressive in the routine.

9.60 Level 4 Beam

A long tall gymnast showing generally reasonably good body line and nice high toe work. Yes, mom, the jumps are not very aggressive or high. (Ideally, parents should not make negative comments while videotaping. Your gymnast is going to want (?) to watch this video and negative comments are not necessary or particularly helpful. They can see themselves and they know what they want to look like).

Level 4 Beam Routine – State 2010 – 9.575

A decent whip up to squat. Really nice high toe work. Good handstand. This gymnast has an interesting, almost aggressive rhythm to her beam routine, not stopping all the time. Nice dismount.

1st Place Beam 9.475 – 6 Year Old

Really nice swing, even if not straight legs, in the whip up. Definitely good high toe throughout the routine. Slightly disappointing leap for the quality of the rest of the routine. Decent first handstand. Good amplitude in kicks. A little rushed on the handstand dismount. Good looking routine.


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