Letters to Nowhere by Julie Cross


“Letters to Nowhere” is a book by Julie Cross set in an Elite gymnastics environment. This is a worthwhile read without the usual dissonance that gymnastics books written by authors without real knowledge of gymnastics create. Julie Cross writes with gymnastics knowledge and authority as a result of being a former gymnast, coach and former Gymnastics Program Director.

Interesting Story Line and Characters

I read really fast, but this was one of those books where I automatically slowed down my reading pace because I didn’t want to reading experience to be over. The plot is serious and dark at times, but is a worthwhile subject matter and an engaging plot.

Julie Cross – Get Writing Some More

This is also one of those books where I am almost upset with the author for not having yet written a sequel or series that I can read right now.

Letters to Nowhere

The title comes from the journaling process the main character uses, where she writes short letters to those in and out of her life asking them questions and telling them things she is unable to ask in her real life.

This is the Great Gymnastics Novel

I highly recommend this book for gymnasts, parents, coaches and any serious gymnastics fan. It is certainly one of the best gymnastics related novels I have ever read. The inside gymnastics info alone is worth the read.

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NOTE: Only Available in Kindle and Other e-Book Formats

There is one hitch. “Letters to Nowhere” only comes in e-Book formats. So you will have to either have a Kindle device, e-Book reader device and app or download the appropriate free app for your device or computer. Letters to Nowhere is available on Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook and Nook apps, iTunes/Apple, and Kobo.

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