Larisa Iordache

Larissa Iordache - FF Full on beam

Larisa Iordache

Full Name: Larisa Andreea Iordache
Nickname: When Larisa was 14, the Romanian press dubbed her the “New Nadia”
Born: June 19, 1996 in Bucharest, Romania
Sex: Female
Country Represented: Romania
Discipline: WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics)
Level: Senior International Elite
Club: CSS Dinamo
Head Coach: Gheorghe Orban
Assistant Coaches: Ramona Micu, Adela Popa, Lacramioara Moldovan, Claudiu Moldovan
Choreographer: Corina Dorean
Former Coaches: Aurica Nistor, Daniel Nistor, Mariana Silişteanu Câmpeanu, Raluca Suciu Popescu and Vladimir Potop
Started Gymnastics: At age 4&1/2 at the CSS Dinamo Club in Bucharest
Goal: Become Olympic champion in All-Around and Team competition.
Mother: Handball player
Father: Soccer player
Brother: Professional Soccer player who is five years older than her
Favorite Subjects in School: Math and Sports classes
Favorite Events: Balance Beam and FX
Best Event: Balance Beam
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 82 lbs
Hobbies: Answering fan mail, Playing angry Birds on her iPad and playing on her Wii

Medal Record


2012 American Cup at Madison Square Garden (1st Sr. International Elite Meet) – 3rd – All-Around


2011 – Trnava Gym Festival – 1st – All-Around, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, FX
2011- Great Britain vs Romania (Friendly Jr. Elite meet). 1st – All-Around, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, FX
2011 – Trabzon 2011 European Youth Olympic Festival – 1st – All-Around, Balance Beam and FX. 2nd – Team, Vault and Uneven Bars


2010 – European Championships – 1st – FX. 2nd – Team and Beam. 3rd – All-Around. 4th -Vault
(one gold, two silver, and one bronze)
2010 – Romanian International Championships (Jr. Elites) – 1st – Beam and FX. 6th – All-Around.
September 2010 – It was announced that Larisa Iordache had been transferred to the “Olympic team” and had started to train with the seniors under Bellu and Bitang.
2010 – Schiltigheim International Competition – 1st – All-Around, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, FX


2009 – Charleroi Top Gym Trophy. 1st – All-Around and Beam. 3rd – Team
2009 – Romanian National Championships


2008 – Became a member of the Romanian Jr. Elite National Team and trained with coaches Ramona Micu, Adela Popa, Lacramioara Moldovan and Cristian Moldovan.
2008 – Belgium Top Gym Competition – 1st – FX (tied Jordyn Wieber). 2nd – Beam (.05 behind Wieber). 4th All-Around and Vault. Larisa tied Wieber on FX and was .05 behind on beam and she was only 12 years old.
2008 – Jr. Elite Challenge International in the Netherlands 1st – Beam and FX. 3rd – Vault. 4th – All-Around

How Larisa Iordache (Almost Not) Got Into Gymnastics

When she was little Laris also wanted to take up ballet. Mariana Silisteanu, a gymnastics coach, saw her rollerblading, poised and fearless, in a local park. The gymnastics coach asked her mother if she wanted to send Larisa to gymnastics, but her mother answered, “No.” Her mother later did allow Larisa’s grandmother to take her and check out the gym, but it was still not love at first sight. But like with many gymnasts, she overcame her shyness, “played” gymnastics and after her first hour in gymnastics, she did not want to leave the gym. Her coaches started training her on harder skills and eventually started training her to be a future Elite gymnast. At age 11, she became a member of the Romanian Jr. Elite National team and moved to Onesti. At age 8 years old, she won her first gold medals at the Romanian “Little Gymnast” National competition.

Larisa Iordache Routines and Skills

Larisa Iordache – Vault

Larisa has been competing primarily Yurchenko vaults: Full-twisting Yurchenko, Yurchenko 1 1/2 and a Double-twisting Yurchenko. In 2009, she also competed a round-off half-on, front tuck vault at Nationals.
Larisa is training and potentially could compete an Amanar.

Larisa Iordache – Vault 2012 Bucharest – 15.05

Larisa Iordache Training Amanar Vault

Larisa Iordache – Uneven Bars

Larisa Iordache – Uneven Bars at 2012 Bucharest Friendly Meet

Skills: Stalder to stalder to high bar, Maloney into clear hip circle, giant 1½ into piked Jaeger, Sole circle 1/1 into Tkachev into Pak salto combination, Dismount – Full twisting double pike or double tuck.
Possibly could add a double twisting double back dismount.

Larisa Iordache – Balance Beam

Larissa Iordache - FF Full on beam

Watch This 15.95 Balance Beam Routine at 2012 Bucharest Friendly Meet

Skills: Flip-flop into tucked full, Double turn, Switch leap ½, Aerial walkover into flip-flop, layout step-out, Front pike into back tuck, Side somi, Split jump, sissone combination, Switch leap into back tuck and Round-off, flip-flop, triple twist dismount.

Larisa Iordache – Floor

Larisa Iordache – FX at 2012 European Championships

With Stuck Tumbling & Turns This Routine Could Win 2012 Olympics

Skills: Whip to triple twist. Tuck full-in. 2 ½ twist, punch front tuck, front tuck. Double tuck.
Dance skills: triple turn, quadruple turn, double L turn. Johnson, split leap 1 ½, switch leap and switch leap with full turn.

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