Judge Each Day By the Seeds You Sow


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

The Faith of Farmers and Farmers of Faith

Living in a agricultural state, you meet many farmers. You see a farmer’s faith and work ethic when they have planted their seeds for the season or the year, and then with no visible feedback that anything at all is happening, they diligently and faithfully water, weed and fertilize the blank soil with a never-ending work ethic.

Harvests are Rare, Planting Seeds and Nurturing Daily

They are not “judging each day by the harvest they reap” because it is only once (or twice) during the entire year that their young progeny have grown up to the point where they are ready to harvest.

Gymnastics Coaches Can See Progress Every Day

There are lessons to be learned from this for gymnastics coaches. How much easier is it for us to be able to be motivated to continue our work where we can see progress every day (or should be able to)?

Plant the Seeds of Success in Gymnastics and the Life Beyond

And a coach’s goal should be the planting of seeds within their young gymnasts that will sprout into confidence, competence, a good work ethic, sportsmanship, dedication, diligence and all of the other traits we admire in our fellow man and fellow gymnasts.

Each Small Seed You Plant Can Grow to Be Huge

Planting seeds in young gymnasts is accomplished with sincere compliments, planning practices to ensure gymnast’s progress and success and having positive expectations for them.

Daily Nurturing is a Coach’s Responsibility

Daily nurturing gymnasts is done by leading them through the proper progressions to learn gymnastics skills, to learn their own minds and empowering them with knowledge and experience.

Do It for Your Gymnasts, Not Your Own Ego

Harvesting gymnast’s golden successes at competitions should be done, not for the ego satisfaction of gymnastics coaches, but to grow gymnasts to a lifelong habit of success, happiness and service.

Ye of Little Faith, Take Heart in Daily Progress You Can See

If farmers can have the faith to tend to their young charges without any visual feedback at all, gymnastics coaches can certainly spend their time every day planting the seeds of success in their gymnasts.


“Think twice before you speak because your words and influence will plant the seeds of success or failure in the mind of another.” – Napolean Hill

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