Italian Gymnasts as MTV Reality Stars

In 2011, MTV Italia produced an MTV reality documentary starring Italian National Team gymnasts. The combination documentary and reality show, named Ginnaste – Vite Parallele (Gymnasts – Parallel Lives) features seven junior and senior Elite Italian gymnasts. The show documents their daily lives, their gymnastics training, the emotional roller coaster of high level gymnastics training and the difficulties these young gymnasts face.

Documenting Their Olympic Training

This series takes place at the live, study and train at the Federal Center of Artistic Gymnastics in Milan and shows the girls dealing with the pressure of preparing for their individual and team competition at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The show successfully demonstrates the pressures, discipline and training of young gymnasts living away from home to train for the biggest gymnastics competition in the world, the Olympic Games.

The Italian MTV Website

The official website of the show is located at: but much of the content, including the videos, is blocked if you do not live in Italy.

The Stars of the Show

The gymnasts starring in the show are:

  • Junior Sara Riccardi, 14, originally from Capo d’Orlando
  • Junior Alessia Scantamburlo, 14, originally from Campodarsego
  • Senior Carlotta Ferlito, 16, originally from Catania
  • Senior Giulia Leni, 16, originally from Silena
  • Senior Elizabetta Preziosa, 17, originally from Saronno
  • Senior Eleonora Rando, 17, originally from Rome
  • Senior Jessica Mattoni, 20, originally from San Benedetto del Tronto

There is one Italian National Team member missing from the show, Vanessa Ferrari, who except for the video shot at competitions is not in the show, because she trains at another gym.

13 of 30 Available with English Subtitles

There are 30 episodes, with 13 so far of these videos translated and subtitled in English. The translation and subtitles are being provided by YouTube members Giulyx14 and Ilaria89. The videos are provided by Giacomiz90. The rest are being translated and subtitled, but the process takes time. We join the rest of the gymnastics community in saluting and thanking iulyx14, Ilaria89 and Giacomiz90 for their work.

Episode 1

Episode 1, Part 1

Episode 1, Part 2

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