Innovative Double and Triple Beam Tumbling Progressions

More Innovative Equipment Results in More Innovative Training

Use innovative training equipment set-ups like putting together two or three beams in a row (and even perhaps use a wider beam surface like in this video), plus use a more innovative and advanced gymnast training system, as they are doing with these young gymnasts, and you are likely to get far more out of your young gymnasts at a younger age.

Long Tumbling for Beam

We already train gymnasts and coaches to do standing tumbling, regulation tumbling and long tumbling with a full speed run. You can do exactly the same thing with your young gymnasts on beam, by putting together two or three beams.

Positive Mental and Physical Results

You get two positive benefits from putting together and using a beam equipment set-up like this. First, gymnasts get a chance to work on a larger variety of more difficult skills in multiple ways with a slight equipment innovation. Second, gymnasts get a mental confidence boost from working on high level optional skills and a more confident future vision of what they could achieve on beam.

Wide Beam or Not

While you may or may not agree with using a wide beam (I like it for young gymnasts, but not for older high level gymnasts), it certainly gives both coaches and gymnasts a wider range of beam skills they can work on, which opens up young gymnast’s minds to future possibilities for them on beam. That is a good thing.

What Do We Mean By Equipment and Training Innovation?

Well, how about something like this?

The Same Thing Can Be Done with Regulation Beams

But the very same future vision and training can be done on regulation beams as well, and this may be a faster transition to high level optional beam, because there is no backwards transition from the wide beam to a regulation width beam. But young gymnasts can and should be working at this level of higher level difficulty progressions, because this is the work that is needed to get to high level optionals, and the sooner you get to it, the sooner they can learn it.

Level 5/6’s Working on Level 7/8 Beam Skills

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