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Gymnastics Zone Invents New Gym Design Concept

On May 4, 2016, Gymnastics Zone creator and CEO invented a radical new gymnastics design concept – the inground podium training and competition system. While working on designing a new gym with a built-in permanent competition area for a hotel, sports and gymnastics complex, the original idea of having a podium competition area evolved into the brand new concept of putting the podium inground.

Inground Podium Training Allows Elite Gymnasts More Training/Competition Experience on a Podium Floor

It is common at Elite National, Elite International, World Cup, World Championship and Olympic competitions to see gymnasts have trouble adjusting to the extra “bounce” on tumbling passes on Floor Exercise and on bar dismounts and vault landings. This is due to the limited podium training time Elite International gymnasts get at the competitions and through the year.

Inground Podium is Safer

Even at major International competitions like the Gymnastics World Championships and the Olympics, gymnasts have fallen off podiums, which supposedly had sufficient safety margins of podium space. The inground podium gives gymnasts the same feel, but like with inground trampolines, gymnasts can’t fall off four feet down to the regular floor, since the podium is level with the rest of the floor.

Inground Podium is More Space Efficient

Since the podium needs no additional podium space for a safety margin, a combination training and competition gym can fit in more training equipment right next to the podium competition (and training) equipment.

Inground Podium Allows Podium Area to Be integrated into Normal Gym Design More Easily

The use of an inground podium system, level with the rest of the gym floor, can be easily integrated into a gym design.

Inground Podium Creates Less Stress on Gymnasts’ Bodies During Podium Training and Practices

The “bouncier” podium system, in addition to giving more punch take-off power is also softer on the landings than traditional equipment on concrete floors. That means training time on the podium equipment is easier on gymnast’s bodies, which could help limit repetitive stress injuries and other types of gymnastics injuries on landing surfaces.

Inground Podium Structures are More Suited to New Gym Construction than Retrofitting

Both pit construction and inground podium systems are easier to build in new gym construction, as opposed to trying to retrofit into an existing building

Gymnastics Zone Gym Design Service

Gymnastics Zone’s Click Here for Gym Design Service is already known for its innovative, creative designs. They have invented numerous other gymnastics gym design innovations and training concepts. They have literally written the book on gymnastics gym design (Click Here for the Secrets to Gymnastics Gym Design book).

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