Information for Our International Gymnastics Customers

Thanks for your interest in our products. We are concerned that you are considering purchasing a product from us that may not be what you are expecting. The Level 4, 5 and 6 e-Books (and the Level 7, for that matter) you may be looking at are designed for the compulsory gymnastics program in the United States. The information is very specific to the skills for the USA Gymnastics compulsory program.

While gymnastics is a universal sport, different countries have very different competitive systems especially at the lower levels. Most countries have some kind of mandatory compulsory (where the gymnasts all do the same routine) competition system and the gymnastics program in your country is no exception. The problem is that every country has a completely different competition system, especially at the lower levels and is not the same as the USA gymnastics program about which this particular e-Book is written.

While some of our e-Book’s general training information might be useful for novice gymnasts, in general, the product may not be what you expect, need and want.

Please note that we can only 100% recommend the following Gymnastics e-Books for our International customers:
Our two event e-Books and our choreography book:

And our other gymnastics related e-book:

You will find these gymnastics e-Books listed on this site.

A number of International customers have purchased our Secrets to Level 8 Gymnastics e-Book. It primarily relates to Beginner/Intermediate Optional (where gymnasts have individual custom designed routines) gymnastics training. While it does contain one section dealing with USA Level 8 rules and other references to USA Level 8, it contains a great deal of good information useful and interesting to any beginner/intermediate optional gymnast or coach. We feel justified in recommending this to our International customers who are training to eventually become optional gymnasts.

Please note that the entire series of Compulsory Level and the Level 7 e-Book CDs are almost completely specific to the United States. We cannot recommend these for gymnasts, coaches or parents from outside the USA. This includes:

  • Secrets to Level 6 Gymnastics
  • Secrets to Level 5 Gymnastics
  • Secrets to Level 6 Gymnastics
  • Secrets to Level 7 Gymnastics

While there is interesting and valuable training information, at least half the information on those e-Book CDs specifically refers to the skills and routines of that specific USA Gymnastics level which are, of course, not used in your country.

We are in the process of creating many more gymnastics e-Books, but for now we have a limited selection. Those that refer specifically to the USA Gymnastics Compulsories include the Level 4, 5, 6 and 7, which you were looking at.

We are continually developing new products – the products next being developed include Gymnastics Strength Training, Uneven Bar Training, Balance Beam Training and Secrets to Making Elite.

We are very interested in providing our customers with great products and service and we would not like to have you disappointed with our products for any reason

Please let us know if your are interested in purchasing or substituting Secrets to Staying on Beam, Secrets to 10.0 Tumbling, Secrets to Choreography or Secrets to Level 8 Gymnastics, which we have recommended for the e-Book which you have been looking at.

If you do not wish to substitute another e-Book, we would be glad to refund your money.

Thanks for your interest in our products. If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know.

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