How to Convince Your Parents To Let You Do Gymnastics

Subject: Gymnastics

Sex: female
Age: 13
Gymnastics Level: 4

Okay, so I used to do gymnastics, but my parents made me quit when I got to level four. I can still do lots of things, but I don’t have any equipment. I really want to continue gymnastics but I am not sure how I can. My parents don’t want me going back to the gym even though I would give up practically everything to go back. I really want to do bars because I was really good at that but I don’t know how I can. How can I continue doing gymnastics without a gym?

There is no safe way to do bars without or the other events without a gym and a coach. And while you can keep working on your shoulder flexibility, splits and strength outside of a gym, the only safe way to do gymnastics is on equipment in a gym, with the proper mats, pits and coaching.

You Must Convince Your Parents

Your only real choice is to convince your parents to let you join a gym again. You did not mention either why your parents had you quit gymnastics or why they don’t want you to return to gymnastics. If you don’t know the reason, you need to find out in order to figure out how you might convince them. For example, if money is the problem, then you could try to get a job at a gym helping work with younger gymnasts to offset the cost of you taking lessons. If they are worried about your safety, you could explain how much safer doing gymnastics is in a gym, than trying things without the proper mats and pits and coaching. whatever their reasons were and are, you must have a reasonable and intelligent solution to their problems and concerns.

Steps in Convincing Your Parents

Convincing anyone of anything involves a number of steps. First, you must know exactly what you want (classes, be on team, college scholarship), You must do your homework and know where, when and how much it will cost and how much it will take for your to do what you want. Know all the benefits of gymnastics and be ready to explain them (college scholarships, learning to carefully manage time, physical fitness, etc.). Whenever you are talking to your parents about this subject, remain calm, reasonable, respectful and under control. Understand, both because this is gymnastics and you are negotiating, you may have to give up something in order to get what you want in regard to gymnastics.

Dealing With Your Parents

Next, you must understand what the other person (in this case your parents) are thinking. Listen carefully and understand what your parents have to say about the situation. Figure out what are their biggest objections and answer them (from your research homework). Next, you must successfully (and respectfully) communicate to them, how important this is to you. You must have reasonable solutions to their problems and concerns.You need to ask them for their help in achieving your goals and dreams. Be persistent but not annoying.

Good luck and if you have any other questions, let me know.

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