How Do You Build a Real Gymnastics Team?


You cannot select a gymnastics team. You can only select a group of individual gymnasts and develop them into a team. This is more obvious in team sports, like soccer, that require teamwork during competition, but the advantages of teamwork and a close-knit team are no less useful in gymnastics.

It Takes Time, Effort and Goal Setting to Build a Gymnastics Team

A true gymnastics team does not exist just because there are a group of gymnasts in a gym with a coach. Gymnastics teams don’t form instantly. Real gymnastics teams must evolve. And that takes time, effort, goal-setting and both coaches and gymnasts working on building a team.

It Takes Relationships, Motivation and Team Standards to Build a Gymnastics Team

To create a team and benefit from teamwork, coaches must devote quality time designed to build gymnast-coach relationships, increase team motivation and develop team standards. Coaches must devote the proper quantity and quality of time to team development, but also make certain that no time is wasted. Many so-called standard team-building techniques do no such thing and are not worth wasting time on.

Every Gymnastics Team is Different

Every individual and group of individuals is different, so it should be obvious that every team is different and that it will take a unique approach to building each team. Some aspects of team building may be similar, but the gymnasts on the team, the experience and personalities of the coaching staff, the goals of the team and even the competition will all require a custom approach to team building.

Gymnasts are Team Builders, Too

Some of a team building program can be planned. Other parts just happen. Sometimes, instead of coaches, gymnasts may provide inspirational team building moments. Often, what gymnasts say and do is a major part of the team building process. Coaches must recognize when those moments are happening and allow them to unfold.

One or Many

It is almost always necessary to face one decision when attempting team building. Often one of the best gymnasts on the team will not naturally be a team player. It only takes one individual to ruin team chemistry, so coaches must be ready to do what is necessary to keep the team unified and commitment.

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