He Kexin

He Kexin Bars

He Kexin Bars

Name: HE Kexin
Name in Chinese: 何可欣
Country: China
Sport: WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics)
Best Event: Uneven Bars
Sex: Female
Birth Date: 01/01/1992 (Disputed during 2008 Beijing Olympics to be 01/01/1994)
Height: 4’11” (1.51 meters)
Weight: 42 Kilograms / 93 lbs.
Gym: Shichahai Sports School in Beijing
Head Coach: Huang Yubin
Chinese National Team since: 2007
FX Music: 2008 “Travel to India” and “The Awakening” from Jackie Chan’s Movie “The Myth”
2010 Aankhein Khuli Hoo by Shahrukh Khan

Skills and Routines

Vault: Double twisting Yurchenko
Uneven Bars: Healy (Front giant in reverse grip with full pirouette on one arm to end in eagle) – Ling Jie (Front giant in eagle grip with full pirouette on one arm to end in eagle grip) – Li Ya release (Jaeger with 1/2 turn to recatch in mixed grip) – Straddled Jaegar; Full Pirouette from Eagle Grip – Layout Jaeger to Pak salto; Cast Handstand with 1/2 Turn – Toe Shoot to High Bar; Free Hip Circle -Higgins Roll (Backward giant with 1/2 turn to eagle) – Ling 1/2 – Full twisting double back dismount.
Balance Beam: Round-off back layout; Switch leap to back tuck; Front tuck; Korbut; Full turn in scale; Sheep jump; Side aerial; Round-off to 2½ twist dismount
FX: 2&1/2 twist punch front layout full; Tuck double Arabian; Triple full; Double pike back; Triple turn; Switch split 1/2; Tour jete 1/2

He Kexin, Uneven Bars in Event Finals at 2012 Chinese Gymnastics Nationals/Olympic Trials

2008 Beijing Olympic Age Controversy

During and after the Olympics, He Kexin’s age, and the ages of some other Chinese gymnasts, became the subject of controversy. Her passport listed her birthdate as January 1, 1992. That would have made her 16 years and 220 days old at the beginning of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and old enough to compete.

Before the 2008 Olympics, He Kexin’s age was reported in online news articles by the state news service, Xinhua, and the Chinese press as her being age 13 in 2007 and age 14 in 2008. Thsoe news articles were later taken off-line, but cached Internet copies were still available. Her birth date was also listed by the Chengdu Sports Bureau and the Chinese General Administration of Sport as January 1, 1994. That would have made her 14 years old during the Opening ceremonies, two years too young to participate in the Olympics. Chinese officials maintained that He Kexin was old enough to compete and that discrepancies in the reporting of her age were due to faulty paperwork.

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) did not investigate the discrepancy in He Kexin’s age because the International Gymnastics Federation’s verification system depends solely on a passport and was proof of her eligibility. The controversy has continued in the international gymnastics community and some international media outlets.

How Hacker Found Proof of He Kexin’s Age

Competitive History


2011 Toyko World Championships: 3rd – Team


2010 Asian Games Gymnastics Uneven Bar Final

2010 Asian Games Guangzhou: 1st Team, 1st Uneven Bars 16.425
2010 Rotterdam World Championships: 1st Uneven Bars 16.066

He Kexin – Floor Exercise at 2010 World Championships

He Kexin – 2010 Asian Games Event Finals Uneven Bars


2009 London World Championships: 1st Uneven Bars 16.000


2008 – Had an A-score (difficulty score) of 7.7, one of the highest difficulty scores in the world on bars
2008 – Scored over 17.00 under the 2005–2008 Code of Points rules.
2008 Cottbus World Cup: 1st Uneven Bars 16.85
2008 Doha World Cup: 1st Uneven Bars 16.55
2008 Beijing Olympics Games: 1st Team. 1st Uneven Bars 16.725
2008 Madrid World Cup: 1st Uneven Bars 16.25
2008 Tianjin World Cup – 2 World records

He Kexin Vault at the 2008 Chinese Nationals

He Kexin 2008 Olympics Uneven Bars Event Finals


2007 – Recruited to the Chinese National Team
2007 Intercity Games 1st Uneven Bars

He Kexin – FX at 2007 National AA

He Kexin – Balance Beam at 2007 Chinese Nationals


2006 China National Games

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Social Media

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