Play iPhone and iPad Videos in Slow Motion

Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4
There are many reasons for gymnasts, coaches and gym parents, and people in general, to watch gymnastics and other videos in slow motion. With the explosion in the use of iPhones and iPads to take and watch video, it is useful to know how you can, not just watch videos, but to play iPhone and iPad videos in slow motion.

This Hack Works on Both Your iPhone and iPad

Both iPhones and iPod Touches, have a hidden hack in the video players that allows you to view any video in slow motion. It is not a universally or generally well-known feature, but the new iPhones and iPads can play videos in slow motion.

How to Play iPhone and iPad Videos in Slow Motion

To access the hidden slow motion hack:

  1. Pause the video or movie where you want to start watching in slow motion.
  2. Hold down the fast-forward control and the video will play in slow motion for as long as you hold it down.

Reasons to Use iPhone and iPad to Watch Slow Motion Video

  • Watch gymnastics skills and routines in slow motion to evaluate technique
  • Video your gymnastics skills and routines and play them back in slow motion to see exactly what you are doing right and wrong
  • Count twists and somersaults in multiple twisting multiple somersaults.
  • See more detail in a fast gymnastics video
  • Play a gymnastics video training tutorial slowly to catch all the steps

Slow Down the Audio, Too

Using this hack technique not only slows down the video playback, but it slows down the audio playback as well. Great for figuring out the words in those fast-talking gymnastics rap videos – lol.

Reasons to Use iPhone and iPad to Slow Down Audio

  • Replay fast-moving dialog in a movie to really hear what they’re saying
  • Listen to rap videos to figure out the words
  • Listen to podcasts to get a specific piece of information

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