Gymnastics Training – Injuries – Obstacles = Gymnastics Success

Training – Injuries – Obstacles = Success

This is a gymnastics training formula that has many important implications for coaches and gymnasts.

Training vs. Potential

The first implication for this formula is that it is training that is the primary key for gymnastics success. Too many parents and coaches are hung up on the false concept of gymnastics talent. Whether genetic talent or potential has any validity or not (and the research disputes this), the real truth is that purposeful, proper, effective and efficient training is by far the most important component for gymnastics success. Talent without training will never equal high level gymnastics success. No one is talented enough just to walk out on floor and do double backs, full-ins, release moves on bars or any other high level gymnastics skill.

The Negative Effect of Injuries

With the amount of hours of effective training needed to become an Elite gymnast, time wasted with injuries can delay, or even, derail a gymnast’s ultimate level of success. For success, safety and humanitarian reasons, coaches need to do everything possible to prevent their gymnasts from getting injuries. This includes ligament and tendon strengthening (before engaging in strenuous training), following proper skill progression training, avoiding overtraining injuries, proper matting and the use of pits, among other methods.

Obstacles can Interfere with Success

There are numerous other obstacles that can interfere with gymnastics success. They can include lack of proper coaching, lack of parental support, lack of money, lack of mental toughness and other necessary psychological characteristics and lack of proper facilities and equipment. Parents, gym owners and coaches really need to be focused on and creative in removing all obstacles from a gymnast’s path, so they can be successful at the highest levels.

So the magic formula for gymnastics success really is:

Gymnastics Training + Injury Prevention + Removal of Obstacles = Maximum Gymnastics Success

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