Gymnastics Sayings

“You run like a girl.
You jump like a girl.
You swing like a girl.
You do six foot high somersaults on a 4-foot high, 4-inch wide beam like a girl.”

Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, & a hard-to-find alloy called guts. – Dan Gable

“Gymnastics coach:
Advisor – Mentor – Leader – Tutor – Trainer – Counselor – Guide – Instructor – Teacher – and friend.”

And So Is a Coach!

“My gym. My rules.”


No timeouts.
No halftime.
No overtime.
No wimps.”

Gymnastics Sayings

  • From a philosopher/gymnast: I flip therefore I am.
  • “Gymnastics is a journey, not a destination.”
  • “Peace. Love. Gymnastics.”
  • “There are only beautiful gymnasts.”
  • “Got gymnastics?”
  • “I flip for gymnastics.”
  • “Gymnastics rules.
  • And on the eighth day, God created gymnastics.
  • Gymnastics is life. The rest is just details.”
  • “Gymnastics is Liukin good.”
  • “Gymnasts are better than people.”
  • “Bend over backwards.  Be a gymnast.”
  • “Being a gymnast is having the strength to hold on and the courage to let go.”
  • “Gymnast don’t defy gravity.  They defeat it.”
  • “Real athletes don’t wear pants.  They wear leotards.”
  • “Gymnastics is a dog eat dog sport and you look like lunch.”
  • “Gymnastics is flipping fun.”
  • “Warning – Gymnast. Could flip at any time.”
  • “Why walk, when you can cartwheel?”
  • “If gymnastics were easy, it would be called cheerleading.”
  • “Gymnastics – What else is there?”
  • “Athlete by nature. Gymnast by choice.”
  • “Gymnast by nature. Artistic by choice.”
  • “Everybody loves a gymnast.”
  • “Everything else is for people who don’t do gymnastics.”
  • “I used to have a life.  Now I am a gymnastic coach.”
  • “Push-ups make you pretty.”
  • “Gymnastics rocks.”
  • “I’m a gymnastics genius. Just ask me.”
  • “There is no crying in gymnastics.”
  • “Tumbling – That’s how gymnasts roll.”
  • “Don’t just dream gymnastics. Do extreme gymnastics.”
  • “Gymnastics is not a matter of life and death. It’s more important than that.”
  • “Eat. Sleep. Gymnastics. Welcome to my world.”
  • “Perfect practice makes perfect.”
  • “Flexible gymnasts never get bent out of shape.”
  • “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was a gymnast like me.”
  • “Gymnastics – It’s not just a sport.”
  • “Born to tumble.”
  • “Warning – Flip Zone.”
  • “To or Not to Do – Gymnastics? Not even a question!”
  • Don’t wish upon a star. Reach for one.”
  • “Gymnast Crossing – Iron crossing.”
  • “Super Gym Mom – Faster than a speeding car pool, more powerful than an planche, able to leap tall bleachers in a single bound.”
  • “Honk if you are headed to gymnastics.”
  • “I only enjoy gymnastics on days that end in y.”
  • “Gymnasts kick butt.”
  • “Gymnastics is a way of life.”
  • “Gymnasts have hearts of gold.”
  • “First we were a team, then we were a family.”
  • “Gymnastics.  Blood, sweat and tears chalk.”
  • “Go for It.”
  • “There is no gymnast on board, but there is a bored gymnast riding in this car.”
  • “Warning: Gymnasts in this mirror may appear to be upside down.”
  • “Gymnastics Triple Threat – Strength, Flexibility and Balance.”
  • “Gymnastics is not a sport. It is a way of life.”
  • “After a day of football, a gymnast would be bruised. After a day of gymnastics, a football player would be dead.”
  • “Gymnastics – only the strong survive.”
  • “Behind every successful gymnast is a coach who made her that way”
  • “Stoi!”

“If gymnastics were easy, they would call it football.”

“Football – 4 downs, 4 quarters.
Baseball – 9 innings, 3 outs, 3 strikes.
Tennis – multiple games, tiebreakers, 2 serves.
Gymnastics – 1 chance”

Gymnastics Prayer

Now I warm up for the meet
I pray my competition I can beat
And if I fall amidst the cheers
I pray I can hold my tears
And one more thing, success or not
I pray the creator of the beam be shot.

Gymnastics Poem

Patience is a man’s greatest virtue, or so the saying goes.
A gymnast must have said it, for a gymnast surely knows!
That in this funny sport of ours, discouragement runs high.
And even the very best will find this virtue has passed us by.
When hands are ripped and throbbing, when every muscle’s sore,
will a gymnast still have patience to limp in the gym for more?
When you’ve lost old moves and progress seems slow,
will you still have faith in better days, and not feel sad and low?
Can you admit your frightened, yet not give in to fear?
Can you conquer pain and frustration and often even tears?
When someone else does something, you’ve tried so long to do…
can you still be happy for her, or just self-pity for you?
And when success seems far away, your efforts all in vain,
can you force yourself to wear a smile and disregaurd the pain?
If despite the pain and tribulations, you can say “I won’t give in”
Maybe some day you’ll discover that it’s now your time to win.

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