Gymnastics Sayings from Gymnasts

Secret way to a great day in the gym? - Just Kidding!!!

  • “Stuck it! Won it!”
  • “When I grow up, I want to be a gymnast, just like my sister.”
  • “Gymnastics is my life!”
  • “Gymnastics – It’s what I do.”
  • “I am Queen of the Beam.”
  • “Anything you can do, I can do better – on beam.”
  • “I’m a monkey bar super star.”
  • “I am posing as a gymnast.”
  • “Been there, stuck that.”
  • “I’m a gymnast.  Deal with it.”
  • “I flip over gymnastics.”
  • “I’ve been known to flip out.”
  • “Gymnastics is my world.”
  • “Kiss me, I am a gymnast.”
  • “I am a gymnastics daredevil.”
  • “Quiet, please.  Gymnast at work.”
  • “It’s a gymnast thing.”
  • “I’m not a tomboy, I’m a gym girl.”
  • “I come from Tumbletown in Flip City.”
  • “I’m a gymnast and I can kick your butt.”
  • “Winning isn’t everything.  There’s also gloating.”
  • “Did someone call for a gymnast?”
  • “Gymnasts – Chalk, hairspray and glitter.”
  • “Want to be in my fan club.”
  • “Twist and spin. Stick it to win.”
  • “Gymnast gone wild.”
  • “Help me. I am a gymnastics addict.”
  • “I bend over backwards to do gymnastics.”
  • “All I want for my birthday is my kip.”
  • “All I want for Christmas are my giants.”
  • “Gymnastics – That’s how I roll.”
  • “Don’t mess with gymnasts.”
  • “I’d rather be doing gymnastics.”
  • “Gymnastics – I just make it look easy.”
  • “Gymnast – 24/7 – 365.”
  • “100% Gymnast.”
  • “Professional Gymnast. Do not attempt this at home.”
  • “I live for gymnastics.”
  • “iTumble.”
  • “I don’t need balls. I’m a gymnast.  I throw and catch myself.”
  • “I do all my own gymnastics stunts.”
  • “Yes, I sign autographs.”
  • “I’m in it to win it.”
  • “I can’t. I have gymnastics.”
  • “Because I am a gymnast.  That’s why.”
  • “My boyfriend asked me to pick between him or gymnastics.  I’m gonna miss him.  Actually I’m not.”
  • “My boyfriend or gymnastics?
    I can always get another boyfriend.”
  • “How old am I?  According to the Chinese government, I am 16.”
  • “It’s time to tumble,
    It’s time to play,
    It’s time to celebrate
    my birthday.”
  • “It’s not whether you win or lose,
    It’s whether I win or lose.”
  • “Life is…  Never mind.  I am a gymnast.  I have no life.”
  • “Gymnastics tells you no. All day long it mocks you over and over again telling you you’re an idiot, that you’re crazy. If you like running full speed at a stationary object, vault’s for you. if you like peeling pieces of skin the size of quarters off your hands, bars is for you, because the only thing more fun than rips is when your rips get rips. It’s super sexy. And floor. Are you serious? I mean who doesn’t want to parade around in a leotard, getting wedgies and doing dorky choreography. It’s delicious. If you like falling, then gymnastics is the sport for you. You get to fall on your face, your back, your knees and your pride. It’s a good thing I don’t like falling. I love it!” - Make It or Break It

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