Gymnastics Sayings from Coaches

“Own the beam – Own the meet!”

“My team, my rules!
No back talk.
No being catty.
No boyfriends.
No burping.
No catfights.
No cell phones.
No chewing gum.
No chewing gum.
No crybabies.
No crying in the gym.
No cutting in line.
No digging holes in the pit.
No dirty socks.
No dirty words.
No double bouncing on the trampoline.
No eating in the pit.
No farting on the equipment.
No fear.
No flash photography.
No glass in the gym.
No gossip.
No hiding in the bathroom.
No hiding in the locker room.
No hiding in the pit.
No hitting.
No jeans on the equipment.
No overnighters before Saturday practices.
No Pampers.
No pets.
No picking wedgies during routines.
No playing in the chalk.
No pushing.
No pouting.
No profanity, except mine.
No pulling hair.
No rude gestures.
No sassing.
No shocking each other with static electricity.
No sleepovers before meets.
No sloppy form.
No smiling.
No talking back.
No talking.
No talking.
No tearing up the pit foam.
No texting.
No throwing chalk.
No throwing foam at gymnasts doing skills.
No wasting time at the chalbox.
No whining.
No wimps.”

Make a comment and give us your own best gymnastics sayings or the best ones you’ve heard.

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