Gymnastics Safety Pit Design

Subject: making of foam pit for gymnastics hall

Sex: male
Age: 55yrs
Gymnastics Level: in gymnastics

I am from New Delhi. India. We need a foam pit built. Please give complete information.

This is a complicated topic I cover completely in my Secrets to Gymnastics Gym Design e-Book.  Here is a summary of some gymnastics safety pit design points:

  • Pits can be either loose foam blocks (6″ or 8″) or a resi-pit (30″ or thicker soft mat).
  • Pit can have the loose foam or resi-pit sit on a trampoline like surface, often called bungee pits, cutting down on the amount of foam needed, providing somewhat of an automatic fluffing system and allowing extra give in the pit (Highly Recommended).
  • Ideally and highly recommended, the foam should be at least 6’ – 8’ deep.
  • A foam depth of less than 4&1/2 feet is definitely not recommended.
  • For bungee pits, the tramp bed should be at least 2’ – 3’ above the pit bottom.
  • Many pits are designed with an 8” – 12” crash mat on the tramp bed or in the bottom of the pit for extra safety.
  • Pits for each piece of equipment should be no smaller in size than than the recommended competition matting for that event.
  • The sides of the pit should be adequately padded, adding an extra safety margin. The common practice of using a 1.25 inch foam is not as safe as using 4″ – 8″ thick padding.
  • Ideally, there would be both a loose foam and a resi-pit for each event.
  • There are a very large number of training and recreational stations and uses for a pit. We know over 50.
  • Single pits (as opposed to separate pits for each event) with the fewest corners are the least expensive to build, and depending on design, provide more margin of error.
  • H or L design pits are usually the most efficient.
  • Safety pits can, and should be, combined with pits for in ground trampolines.

We are the most innovative designer for multiple use gymnastics safety pits. We are the only gymnastics gym, equipment layout and pit design company that has written a book on gym design. We provide recreational and training pit equipment suggestions, 2D and 3D equipment designs and equipment purchase lists. We also have a number of other money saving and space saving ideas that may be appropriate for your gym and equipment layout design. We pride ourselves on having the most innovative pit and gym design concepts in the industry.

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