Gymnastics Practice Macrocycles

The year should be broken into three or four annual training periods of 3 – 4 months each.

Three macrocycles in the year would be:

  1. Off-Season
  2. Build Routines
  3. Competition

Four macrocycles in the year
Each broken into 2 six week or 3 four week microcycles:

  1. Summer June- August
  2. Pre-Season September – November
  3. Early Season December – February
  4. Peak Season March – May

Set Skill, Strength, Routine Goals for every cycle.

Summer Macrocycle – Work new skills, Endurance aerobics, Encyclopedia of Skills, Increase requirement skills, high element counts, Maintain old routines, Heavy conditioning and weight training.

Pre-Season Macrocycle – Peak requirement skills, Heavy conditioning and weight training, Speed training, High element counts, Maintain old routines, Incorporate new skills into old routine, New partial routine, Skills for routine, Amplitude and consistency, Choreography.

Early Season Macrocycle – Competition goals, Routine consistency, Speed training, Heavy conditioning and weight training, Routine amplitude and execution, High routine counts.

Peak Season Macrocycle – Quality Routines, Pressure performance, Maintenance strength, Aerobic maintenance.

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