Gymnastics Pit Safety Rules

SAFETY FIRST! No one is allowed to do anything that will get themselves or anyone else hurt.

  1. Always land in the pit. If you miss the pit, it can’t keep you from getting injured.
  2. Do not dive headfirst into the pit.
  3. Avoid landing on your knees, head or in a front drop position, especially in an arched position. Safely land on your feet, seat or back.
  4. Follow proper skill progression. Do not attempt skills if you can not land safely.
  5. Always check the pit before entering. Do not enter pit if other people are in the way.
  6. Always climb out of the way immediately, when other people are ready to enter the pit.
  7. Do not bury yourself in the pit. Others may jump on you without knowing.
  8. Do not dig holes in the pit.
  9. Re-fluff the pit regularly and whenever holes occur or the foam is packed down.
  10. Make sure the pit is fluffed before attempting skills.
  11. The foam is to stay in the pit at all times.
  12. No throwing foam.
  13. Please replace any foam you see outside the pit.
  14. The foam is not to be torn into pieces. This causes dust in the pit.

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