Gymnastics Game – Let’s Play Add-On!

The gymnastics game called Add-On is usually played and best known on trampoline. Creative gymnasts and coaches however, have been playing it on other events also. The game works for any level of gymnast although it is most fun when played by gymnasts of about the same level.

Free Time, What’s That?

For gymnasts, if you are given free time in the gym or have open gym, this is a fun game that can be played on any piece of gymnastics equipment. Probably the only event that it doesn’t really work on is vault.

No, You Can’t Play It on a Play Station or a GameBoy

Add-On is a very simple game suitable for two or more gymnasts. The first gymnast performs one skill, and then the second gymnast performs that same skill, followed immediately by another element. As each gymnast takes their turn, the sequence of gymnastics skills grows longer. If you fail to do the entire set of skill combinations, plus add a skill of your own, you are out until the next game.

What Do You Mean, I Have to Use My Brain?

As the list of skills gets longer and longer, it also becomes something of a memory test in addition to a skill test. If the list of skill combinations gets long enough, it can also become somewhat of an endurance competition, which can provide some conditioning value for gymnasts disguised as play.

Everybody Can Play

The game is fun and useful at every level of the sport. Simple basic skill combinations can be equally fun and original as high level skill combinations on any event

Shhh! Don’t Tell Anybody This is Good Practice

Add-On is a fun game, but it has a number of gymnastics training benefits as well. It is an excellent training tool for practicing and performing skill combinations and mini-routines.

Competition is Competition Which Teaches Competition

Add-On has a competitive element that can help gymnasts in the process of learning to compete, the ultimate goal of gymnastics training. With the other gymnasts watching, it simulates the pressure of competition and gets gymnasts used to having spectators.

Get Creative

Add-On often generates new creative skill combinations that even coaches might not come up with. Especially on floor exercise and the other gymnastics competitive apparatus, gymnasts and coaches should be looking out for original skill combinations that could be used later in real gymnastics meets.

Go For It

Especially with a lot of players, Add-On can push gymnasts to try skills they might not normally choose to work on their own during free time which can expand their range and repertoire of skills. If the game gets longer and longer, it becomes a valuable conditioning exercise.

The Pressure is On

One of the difficulties in any class or practice situation is having gymnasts perform at their maximum capacity, but the competitive aspects of this game, push gymnasts to try their hardest and put out 100% effort.

Add It All Up and You’ll Play Add-On

So during your free time in the gym, get your friends, teammates and classmates together and play Add-On and make sure to try it on all the events.

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