Gymnastics Coaching Challenge Questions

Gymnastics Coaching

Journalism has created a stock method of making sure they transmit all of the information about a particular story in the very first paragraph of an article. They basically answer seven questions and that covers all the possible information. In the same way, if we ask questions in those seven areas about gymnastics coaching, we can see that we can gain a good understanding of what we need to do to be successful coaches.

Gymnastics Coaching Question 1 – WHO

Who of our gymnasts already has all the qualities to become great?
Who is our competition?
Who is prepared and who isn’t?
Who is the best coach for each gymnast on each event?
Who needs extra attention to maximize their competition performances?
Who is the most energetic gymnast for whom we plan all workouts?

Gymnastics Coaching Question 2 – WHAT

What are our gym values?
What are our most important goals?
What motivates each gymnast best?
What are each gymnast’s strengths?
What were each gymnast’s problems in the last practice or competition?
What motivates each gymnast the most?
What needs to be tweaked to improve the training plan?
Gymnastics Coaching

Gymnastics Coaching Question 3 – WHEN

When is our most important competition?
When is the right time to add skills to a competition routine?
When is the next meet we need to be prepared for?
When do our gymnasts need to peak?

Gymnastics Coaching Question 4 – WHY?

Why is each gymnast in gymnastics?
Why is each gymnast winning or not winning?
Why is the training system working or not working for each gymnast?

Gymnastics Coaching Question 5 – WHERE?

Where are we in our annual and 4-year Olympic training cycle programs?
Where is the most important meet of the year?
Where are our biggest weaknesses?
Where does our gym and gymnasts fit into the overall context of the sport?

Gymnastics Coaching Question 6 – HOW?

How strong and flexible are our gymnasts?
How do we change gymnasts for the better?
How do we most efficiently and effectively prepare for competition?
How much time do we have to prepare?
How can we ensure continuous improvement?

Gymnastics Coaching Question 7 – HOW MUCH?

How much practice time do we need to best prepare and train each gymnast?
How much time do we spend on each event in practice?
How much successful coach to gymnast communication is occurring?

Add Your Own Gymnastics Coaching Questions

You should add your own questions to the list and regularly use them to evaluate your program and progress with each gymnast in the sport. Devise question that challenge your gymnastics coaching perceptions, current training program and personal attitudes.


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