Getting Chosen for Elite Training

Getting Chosen for Elite

Hi Coach,
I want to do Elite gymnastics and Hopes but my coach has picked other girls in my level to do Hopes and I am really sad. I am not sure what to do. I also don’t connect with the coach. Should I move gyms? Should I quit gymnastics? Should I just work harder? Thanks

The Accepted Path to Getting Chosen for Elite Training

The accepted path to Elite is to build high levels of strength and flexibility first (like moving through the TOPs program) so you have, for example, press handstand level strength and 180 degree splits. So if you are not there yet with those, you can work on those things yourself. Strong and flexible gymnasts learn hard, high-level gymnastics skills much more quickly.

Get Strong and Flexible First

When you are strong and flexible enough, the next step is to be working on the skill progressions for high level gymnastics skills. For that you are going to need to acquire the cooperation support of your coach in getting chosen for Elite training. hopefully, if you have changed yourself into one of the strongest and most flexible gymnasts in the gym, are working as hard or harder than anyone else and ingratiated yourself into your coach’s goo graces, the coach will realize and notice the change and get you on the Elite track.

Get Into the Best Gym Program

As far as changing coaches/gyms, you should already be at the most successful gym in your area competitive-wise. Preferably at a gym where:

1. The coach/training program have already produced multiple Elites.
2. The coach/training program have already produced at least on Elite.
3. The coach/training program have already produced National Championship Level 10s.

If your coach/training program have not already done one or more of those and another gym in your area has, then you should definitely consider switching gyms. If you are already at the best gym in your area, then stay there and do what you need to do to get put on the Elite track.

What are examples of things might you do to get put on the Elite track?

1. Go and talk to your coach, ask for their help and guidance in what you need to do to get put in the Elite track.
2. Sign up for extra private lessons with the coach to work on what they think you need to work on to get to Elite.
3. Get obviously stronger and more flexible.

Should you work harder?

If you are not already working as hard as you can, then you should definitely work harder. If you think you are not working your hardest, your coach may think that as well and that may be the reason you weren’t chosen for an Elite track. My advice is always to do everything your coach says and as much more as possible. For example, if your coach says to do 10 handstands, do 10 and keep doing handstands until your coach tell you to stop or do something else.

Should you quit?

Becoming a high-level gymnast is a long (10,000 hours of training) process. No one who quits ever gets there.

Good luck and thanks for contacting Gymnastics Zone.

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