Getting Attention from My Coach

Subject: Getting attention from my coach

Sex: female
Age: 13
Gymnastics Level: 5

Hey coach,

I love gymnastics so much, but my coach won’t give me the time of day!
We only get 1 hour a week and there’s like 11 people in my group, I’m thinking of moving gyms but I’m not sure, my dad hates my coach and can see she’s no good.

I don’t have a chance to get better like I want to, it’s not fair.
My gymnastics is done in a sports hall and the equipment is only there on Thursday Friday and Saturday! Should I move to a more permanent gym?


Well, I don’t know what is holding you back from switching to a real gymnastics facility that has all the equipment set up permanently. If you are not switching, because of your friends at your current gym, invite them to visit other gyms with you. Find yourself a real gym with all of the training equipment, like gymnastics safety pits, trampolines, tumble trampolines, strap bars, etc., etc.

Permanent gyms not only have more and better training equipment, but they almost always attract and hire the best coaches as well. You will most often find the best coaching at the these permanent gymnastics facilities, because the coaches, who are the most serious about turning out great gymnasts, refuse to coach in any facility that does not provide them, and their gymnasts, with all of the necessary training equipment (that just cannot be set-up on a daily basis).

There is another factor that has been keeping your progress slower than it should be and that is the pupil-teacher ratio. One coach for 11 gymnasts is a rather high number of gymnasts to work with if you want to make significant progress. Most serious gymnastics training facilities do not let their pupil-teacher ratios go that high.

So take a look around and visit and try out the permanent gyms in your area. I am sure you will find a facility and coaching that is more to your liking.

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